Crossroads GameFest

Indy’s premier Eurogame festival, the Crossroads GameFest is a two-day community event that celebrates the culture and heritage behind some of the world’s most popular tabletop games.

The Crossroads GameFest is free to attend* and fun for all ages. Bring the whole family and get your game on with us!

* Tournament events have a $15 entry fee per participant.

Event Details:

July 22-23, 2023

Athenaeum Indy
401 E Michigan St,
Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA
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What are Eurogames?

Eurogames, AKA “German-style” board games, are a class of tabletop games that generally:

  • require strategy
  • use abstract elements
  • emphasize competition for resources over direct combat with other players

Eurogames started to appear in Germany in the 1960s. Games like Acquire became popular in postwar Germany because they de-emphasized combat and warfare as main components of tabletop games.

In the late 70s and early 80s, Europe was placing more and more cultural emphasis on design, and the genre began to spread to other countries, such as France and Sweden.

In 1995, German game designer Klaus Teuber created Die Siedler von Catan (“The Settlers of Catan”). It quickly became the most popular Eurogame of the time, and it pioneered the success of the genre outside of Europe.

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