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Are you or your students interested in learning more about the German language and culture at the Athenaeum? The Foundation offers field trip experiences for students of all ages, including specially curated resources that support the Indiana K-12 curriculum.

The Athenaeum is located in downtown Indianapolis, along the Mass Ave corridor. We will be happy to host your group to facilitate an enriching educational experience. Load up the bus and bring your class for a specially crafted Athenaeum tour that highlights some of the most important events in Indianapolis’ German-American history.

Class is now in session.

The Athenaeum also offers supplemental field lesson materials to enhance students’ visits and save you time. These FREE downloadable documents can be edited to best suit the needs of your students. Each version offers a mixture of critical thinking levels that will challenge your students and engage them while they explore the Athenaeum. The advanced German version includes a number of responses required in German and short essay prompts for students to use back in the classroom.

I.Ge.L Schule

I.Ge.L is a small German school in Indianapolis committed to educating children in German language as well as German culture and was founded in 2005 by a dedicated group of parents. The school is run by German-speaking parents for their children, therefore, an active involvement from the parents is required when children attend class. After a hiatus of nearly 3 years, the I.Ge.L school has returned and will continue through 2023. We are looking forward to growing and adding new members to restore I.Ge.L to its former success!

If you are interested in registering, please email us at

We look forward to meeting you!


A small fee for crafts and a donation for the Athenaeum.


I.Ge.L will be in session from 3:00 – 5:00 PM one Sunday per month.


Athenaeum Indy – Damenverein

401 E Michigan St

Indianapolis, IN 46204


Click here to download I.Ge.L’s 2023 flyer (auf Deutsch).

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The Athenaeum Foundation preserves a treasured historic landmark that welcomes all to nurture a sound mind and a sound body through arts & culture, wellness and community.

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